The daily routine

There’s things you do every day: get up, take a shower, check your e-mail, etc. This is pretty much automatic, and requires no particular attention. Having routines is good, since it relieves you from having to make decisions all the time about trivial stuff. (It’s also good to break your routines every now and then, to avoid boredom.)

Some stuff is worth having a checklist for. For example, I need to take medicine daily, so my daily checklist has an item for that. Regardless of how good your memory is, it’s easy to miss something small like that.

Having a cron job that mails you the checklist daily is one excellent way of reminding yourself about the things you need to do every day.

My daily checklist has these things:

  • Weigh.
  • Take morning pills.
  • Check that phone is charged and that ringer volume is suitable.
  • Do morning exercises (mark in exercises.gnumeric).
  • Check calendar.
  • Check all inboxes.
  • Update Journal.
  • Sync version control repositories.
  • Run laptop backups.
  • Train with Mnemosyne.