Stuff you maybe want to do someday

You probably have things you will want to do someday. For me, one of these things is to learn French. Some people keep a “bucket list”. Perhaps there are places you’d like to visit, or people you’d like to see perform, or books you’d like to read.

It’s good to keep track of these things: otherwise the brain tends to keep coming back to them, so they don’t get forgotten, and that tends to waste time and energy. Keeping a list lets the brain relax.

The “someday/maybe” list is for things you may want to do someday, but that aren’t something you want to do right now. You might do them quite far in the future, and you might even decide later that you don’t want to do them after all. Or you might keep them on your list forever, just because keeping them there makes you feel better about yourself.

Cherish your someday/maybe list. It’s made of dreams.